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Feeling delicate today...

Neither happy nor sad... just like the delicate stillness of the water in a glass... Ripples, not invited!


I understand I can be a pain
My moods and tantrums- all insane.

But you chose to love me..
"Not my love, you are, but pain
You are my pain!
You are my pain!"

It's not like I enjoy being a pain...

Realizations … post- apartment shifting!

I shifted apartments over the last week. With all the vacating and cleaning, it was a hellish experience if I were to describe it in one word. It came as no surprise that the roomie decided to turn her back from doing her share of the tasks but then I have sore muscles and aching bones now after all that work. Anyways… coming to the real point of this post - realizations after shifting apartments!

1. I have a fetish for socks
Mind you! I am not saying smelly socks here. Just that I keep buying socks from anywhere and everywhere and have at least a couple of dozen unopened pairs lying around all over my wardrobe. I have white socks, black socks, beige socks, pink socks and red socks. I have socks with polka dots, small and big butterflies, with striped zebra pattern in weirdest of color combinations. And no I am not proud of my collection, if I sound so. I am just coming to terms with this new realization. :)

2. No greed policy!

I am not going to buy anymore body creams/lotions/butters/sprays until each one of the ones that I already possess is used up or disposed off. I know this is ‘just like a girl’ but No, I do not have the space to fit 2 boxes full of just these. This is going to be a difficult resolution to keep with Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s secrets luring me with their amazing offers. But I have made up my mind. At least for now!

3. Zymurgy’s law of Volunteer Labor – People are always available for work in the past tense. !!!

4. Gossip- the new way of life!

I felt I was on the reality show ‘Big Boss’ after moving into the new apartment. The only thing people did here was gossip, gossip and some more gossip… First sentence in the morning was a gossip and so was the last one before calling it a day. Huh! Such a draining experience!
It was a shocking realization how much negative surroundings can affect your peace. And another one- “People will believe anything if you whisper it.” You really need no facts to convince someone of something.

All in all- The move has taught me a lot of important lessons.. about myself and about others! 

High calorie friday... :(

Maple frosted doughnut..
Large hot chocolate
Nacho cheese
Rajma chawal
Molten chocolate cake at Chilis
Mushroom black bean burger..

Why did I eat soo much yesterday??
Stress... stress is doing bad things to me... :(

One beautiful night

Here is an image of Pondicherry that my mind carries after 2 years. This is what I saw lying in a hammock with a friend, singing old Bollywood songs, listening to the crashing waves, cool breeze on my face and inhaling the salty ocean air. :)

Nothing short of a therapy. Perfect life!

Strength of character

Last night Adam and I were discussing random things at Coldstone over a sinfully delicious ice-cream (1160 cals/scoop!!! oh..but we shared :) ). The conversation was about all things that we both are passionate about... about people, families, beliefs, history and many things related. It concluded with a statement that we both agreed on-

True strength comes from character within. There is nothing else one can draw it from.

My new found love

Pottery it is!

The ancestral house that I used to visit during vacations as a kid had a potter’s workshop right next door. I would spend hours sitting on the black stone sitting (kadappa) in our verandah looking at the potter creating pot after pot… Anybody who has seen a potter throw will agree how fascinating it is to see a beautiful vase rise from a clay ball.

Ever since then, I'd wanted to find myself a wheel and dirty my hands with clay. It is not as easy and effortless as it seems. The magic is- gentle hands and a patient mind. One careless stroke and you should start again. But once you get past that and you see your creation shaping up in your hands, there’s no stopping. The pleasure is unmatchable.

Unfortunately, gentleness is not easy to come... nor is patience. But, I am learning and have taken hugely to it.It has become more than a pastime and I find myself thinking about my creations- my pots, plates and bowls- pretty much all the time. I realized this when I yelled at a bunch of friends for holding me up for something and making me late for the studio. They could not understand why I was fussing over a random hobby class which was not even going to be graded. I think I will choose spending time at the studio and getting myself dirty over doing a strategy assignment for grades. Ultimately its all about what brings pleasure to you. And, currrently, this is it for me. :)
Next week, the pots and plates will get fired and I will get to bring them home finally. I’ll definitely upload the pictures. You keep watching this space. :)

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